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* Don’t forget your goggles

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* Wha-

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* Speak with silence

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* Lots of energy+sleep deprivation+drawing tablet=… oh shit

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Hello everybody.
Whoa, what time it’s been! So timey time I haven’t gotten chance to update, gee-whiz.
To be honest I’ve been a very lazy ass. This entry describes my current self very well.

Anyway. I’m afraid you still have to wait for proper comic a while longer (I can almost hear massive “WAAAAH!” from my readers )

So I present:

Ei perkele…
This is shit. That was drawn in less than 20 minutes, after 11 PM. This blog is getting terrible… Or my drawings are, to be precise.

Anyway, Ciao until we see again. Oh god I am so, so tired. 😐

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* Teachers see me drawin’, they hatin’

Kirjoitettu 13.08.2010 - halloweenieth. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

Apologies for the stupidest caption ever.
My scanner decided to produce the whole comic instead of a panel-puzzle (it cropped them that way). I’m glad.

And the bonus: The second-day sketches (or how I spend boring moments).

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* Adventures in Borkland

Kirjoitettu 12.08.2010 - halloweenieth. Kategoriassa Luokittelematon.

I look at my earlier posts and see that although the quality drops quite low (due to laziness) I give you the pleasure to see some stuff that really hits the rock bottom. It must be illegal somewhere to let people see this shite…
Anyway. Enjoy.

I started a comic about Finncon too, buuuuuuuhhht… Ehe, I’m a lazy bastard : D It never got finished (well neither did this but the sketching got sweaty when my palm stuck to paper, because it was hot as hell).
And if the gods of scanners see it to be I will post the comic about this first day of 12th grade.
It scanned just panels.

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